Off the beaten track

Local fisherman strolling on the beach Local fisherman strolling on the beach

For those looking to get away from it all and leave the stresses of everyday life behind, look no further than Africa for your next holiday adventure. One is simply spoilt for choice here- endless remote wilderness areas untouched by the hands of time and teeming with game, sweeping mountain scenery, ancient meandering rivers, miles of untouched white sandy beaches, small and intimate lodges only accessible by air and the solace of both the desert and the bush.

Why our Continent is perfect for those looking to escape the crowds

  • No other destination offers the traveller such a wide variety of ‘get away from it all’ experiences.
  • Desert, mountains, wild game reserves and the sheer solace of the African bush are all waiting to be explored.
  • Some of the best star gazing experiences on Earth can be found here as you find yourself miles from civilization.
  • For those wishing to experience something different in the ‘Great Outdoors’, we can offer a wide variety of excellent lodges and camps specialising in offering truly remote travel experiences.
  • Many of our camps and lodges only cater for a small amount of people- we place a strong emphasis on small, intimate and boutique accommodation.
  • Why share the beach with a load of tourists when you can have one all to yourself? Speak to one of our consultants about the perfect remote beach locations where one can completely relax.

Choose an off the Beaten Track Tour

Unique Wildlife Explorer »

Sunset over San Camp

This journey takes you from the heart of the lush Okavango Delta to the arid Salt Pans of the Makgadigadi in the Kalahari. The journey is ideal for those looking to get a real taste of Botswana and the traveler looking to leave the well beaten tourist track far behind.

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Remote Mozambique »

On a game drive in the Niassa Game Reserve

This bush and beach itinerary has a twist in that both sections are extremely off the beaten track. A safari at Lugenda is perfect for the second or third time safari visitor - an incredible wilderness experience. Medjumbe Island is rustic, barefoot luxury at its best.

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Remote Zambia »

Safari micro light style

This is the perfect safari itinerary for those looking to get well off the beaten track and up close and personal to the wildlife! Get out of the 4x4 vehicles and track the game on foot with your experienced armed rangers as well as micro-lighting.

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Cape Wilderness Explorer »

This is the perfect itinerary for those who have traveled to Cape Town before and want to see more of this stunning part of the world. This three-centre trip includes hand-picked accommodation in more peaceful and off the beaten track regions of the Cape.

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