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The Moremi protects the core of the Okavango Delta and is probably the top wildlife destination in Botswana – and one of Africa’s finest safari destinations. Comprising one third of the entire Okavango Delta and home to the legendary Chiefs Island, the Moremi is a myriad of waterways, runaway islands, lagoons, grass plains and forests all overflowing with life of every kind.

A safari out here in the Moremi comprises of quietly thrilling mokoro safaris – your guides pole you down the meandering waterways, bringing you to within feet of enquiring pods of hippo, lazy crocs and the picture book perfect African elephant; 4×4 safaris through some incredible bush – the Moremi has more dry land than the Okavango and a lot of larger islands; walking safaris – where for the first time you will understand the true majesty of Africa’s wildlife; and also mobile safaris taking you deep into the heart of the Delta.

The bulk of the Okavango’s small safari camps and wildlife lodges lie outside the Moremi in the Greater Okavango Delta, lending the lodges in the Moremi to a more exclusive safari. There are very high concentrations of wildlife in the Moremi and the animals are relaxed which means you are able to approach them a lot more easily. The lodges and tented safari camps in the Moremi are incredible. The number of lodges in the area is limited to protect their exclusivity and maintain the freedom and isolation inherent in any Moremi safari, and with the secret starting to leak out you often have to
enquire and book almost a year in advance.

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The most well known areas within the Moremi Game Reserve are Chief’s Island, the Moremi’s most exclusive safari area, and the Mopane Tongue, the heartland of the mobile safari and the area where the land and permanent waters of the Okavango Delta meet. All the lodges abide by the national park’s rules on walking and driving at night so not only will you experience safe and well informed safaris you will also receive a very personal and undisturbed time here.

At the tip of the Mopane Tongue, lies Xakanaxa Lagoon where the forests meet a patchwork of deep waterways and shallow flooded areas. It’s unforgettably beautiful and packed with game. Leopard and cheetah are regularly seen and the density of antelope is amazing. The area’s birdlife is exceptionally varied, from innumerable herons, egrets, storks and other waders to many species of harriers, buzzards and kites. Xakanaxa is included in most mobile safaris, but you can stay at Xakanaxa , Camp Moremi or one of the other nearby lodges even if you aren’t on a modile safari.

On the northeast tip of the Moremi, lies the Khwai River, a lovely area where tall evergreen trees line a wide floodplain. It boasts an excellent density and diversity of predator and prey species. In recent years there’s been a large pride of lion here, hunting buffalo and elephant, while leopard sightings are consistently good. Saddlebilled storks, wattled cranes and many species of kingfishers and bee-eaters are common. You can stay here on a mobile safari, or at the grand Khwai River Lodge.

For more information about the Moremi area read our Globetrotter Guide. Our consultants specialize in creating tailor-made safaris so contact us and enquire to start planning your safari to the Okavango Delta and the Moremi Game Reserve.

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Fast Facts

In 1962 the local BaTawana people set aside a third of the Okavango Delta to protect it for the future. They called this the Moremi Game Reserve, and it now forms the core of the region’s reserves. Moremi encompasses a large area of the Delta’s wetlands.

Insider Information
  • Bird watchers – be sure to buy a copy of Newman’s Birds of Southern Africa.
  • Wild dogs are regularly sighted here. The Moremi region contains about 30% of all living wild dogs.
  • Despite what you might imagine, many areas within the Okavango Delta are largely dry. Chief’s Island is huge and perhaps the Okavango’s most famous island.

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When To Travel
  • August to November are considered to be the best months to visit the Moremi Game Reserve.
  • Then you have almost a guaranteed sighting of lion, elephant, leopard, hyena, giraffe, zebra, impala and buffalo.
  • Summers in Moremi are warm and this is when the game have their young, offering superb game viewing.

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