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The Kruger National Park and adjoining Private Game Reserves are the highlight of any visit to South Africa. This world renowned wildlife sanctuary is unrivalled in the sheer diversity and numbers of its animals while the safari lodges contained within the borders are amongst the top luxury safari lodges in Africa. The Kruger Park epitomizes the iconic African safari – a dramatic landscape of forest, savannah, river and mountain rich in lion prides, elephant herds and thousands of other animals whose secrets are revealed by expert game rangers.

Covering an area of well over 2 million hectares (that’s the size of Wales in the United Kingdom), with some of the highest concentrations of the Big Five animals in the world, the top safari areas in the Kruger National Park area are broken up into the Sabi Sands, the Kruger Private Reserves and the Kruger Concessions. Outside the Kruger Park is an area named the Kruger Surrounds which is filled with natural wonders and geological marvels.

The Kruger National Park is only a short one hour flight from Johannesburg International Airport. The Kruger Private Reserves, Kruger Concessions and Sabi Sands have their own landing strips and your safari begins when you board the plane. Not long after take-off you’ll be viewing the wildlife from your window, before being whisked away from the landing strip in a 4×4 safari vehicle, civilization a distant memory as the sights, sounds and smells of the bush take over.

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The safari and game lodges range from the artistically elegant to the super-luxurious. Expert game rangers take you on early morning and evening safaris in open-topped 4×4’s. Trackers sit bravely on special tracking seats positioned on the bonnet (hood) of the vehicle, their keen eyes taking in the invisible signs left behind by the elusive wildlife. If you have never been on a safari before then expect to be completely amazed. You will be taken to within feet of Africa’s most deadly, most beautiful, and most enormous animals. It is impossible to describe the feeling of sitting next to a fully grown male lion and staring into his yellow eyes – it takes you to a place that you never knew existed. People’s lives have literally been changed forever after this humbling, mind-expanding experience.

The more adventurous among you may want to experience the thrill of a walking safari. This is the closest you will ever get to nature. Accompanied by an armed ranger you will silently walk through the bush, tracking herds of buffalo, elephant and yes… if you are lucky (?) enough then even sneaking up on a pride of lions. You need have no fears though – the rangers are handpicked from the best in the world and are highly trained in wild animal behavior and in how to make sure nothing happens to you while you are in their care.

Although a safari in the Kruger National Park is the main drawcard to the area the Kruger Surrounds have wealth of experiences to offer you. Breathtaking scenery and a host of outdoor activities make this area a favourite side trip to those going on a Kruger safari. Massive canyons, river gorges and view points from the rooftop of the world are easily accessible. Blyde River Canyon is said to be the third deepest in the world, the numerous waterfalls en-route have been combined into a Waterfall Route safari, Bourke’s Luck Potholes are simply a geological surprise, and the fishing, horse riding, hiking and clean outdoor living will put the wind back into anybody’s sails.

With such a wealth of experiences on offer in the Kruger Park area it is imperative that you research your trip sufficiently. Have a read through our Globetrotter Travel Guide, and spend some time looking through the photos of the Sabi Sands, Kruger Private Reserves and Kruger Concessions, and then look through the accommodation on offer in the areas you like.

Our Travel Experts have all travelled extensively in the Kruger region and have stayed in all the lodges, both in the reserves and in the surrounding area. Each lodge is unique. Each caters for certain tastes – though all are of a luxury to superior standard they offer different experiences so contact one of our Experts to find out which lodge will best be suited to fulfill your dreams of how a safari should be. They will also help you to create an amazing itinerary and suggest other areas of interest in South Africa and beyond should you so wish.

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Fast Facts

The Kruger National Park covers an area of 2 million hectares – around 20,000 sq km (7720 sq miles). It was named after Paul Kruger, president of the first Boer Republic, who also established the Sabie Game Reserve in 1898. The Kruger Park has the greatest species diversity in Africa.

Insider Information
  • Pack lightly on safari especially if you are flying directly into the lodge as there are baggage restrictions.
  • Ask us about combining your safari with some relaxing beach time in either in Cape Town or Mozambique.
  • Read the legendary book – Jock of the Bushveld, written by Sir Percy FitzPatrick.
  • Remember to pack your camera!

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When To Travel
  • The rangers and trackers at all the private lodges we use are experts in locating the wildlife, making the Kruger a good year round safari destination. The rangers are always with you on game drives ensuring a top safari experience.
  • Winter (June to August) is the easiest time for game viewing as the trees are bare, the grass short, the earth dry, so wildlife tends to congregate around the water holes, which makes for good game viewing.

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