Our Reviews

Dear Megan
Thank you for arranging our fantastic safari based at Kubu Kubu in the Serengeti. Everything was PERFECT.

We saw 4 of the Big 5 (lion, leopard, African buffalo, elephant) but, as there are an estimated 15 Black Rhinos in the area, we were thrilled to see 4 of 5.

Our guide Kizitio Wakara was delightful. Charming, intelligent, and always in the right place in the right time. We saw the Chumba (Iron) Pride of 30 lions stalk and kill several Thomson’s Gazelles.

In addition to the usual suspects (zebra, warthog, gazelles of various sizes, wildebeest, vultures), we also saw a Leopard tortoise, Dwarf mongoose clan, monitor lizard, & a Two horned chameleon.

And ….TahDah…. all 4 of us summitted Kilimanjaro (without altitude sickness) using the 7-day Machame Route!

Kindest regards and thanks again, Lola

Lola Reid Allin

Hi Megan & Cobus,

We just wanted to say thank you SO much for helping us organize the most amazing honeymoon!! It was truly a trip of a lifetime and we loved every minute of it. You guys gave us excellent suggestions and everything was organized wonderfully, down to almost too many complimentary bottles of champagne!!

We had one mishap that we thought we should mention for future bookings – we almost did not get into Mozambique as we weren’t aware of the amount of American cash that was required to purchase a visa at the border, they did not accept credit cards and all the other foreign travellers had prearranged visas to enter the country. Luckily our resort representative was able to help us out, and we ended up having a wonderful stay.

We have passed your info along to some family friends who are looking to travel in South Africa soon as well. Thanks again for everything!


Siobhan & Cam

Hi Megan,

I meant to write to you as soon as we returned from our trip, but time seemed to get away from me. I want to thank you for planning our great trip to Botswana. My sister-in-law, Emelie, and I had a fantastic time and stayed at some great lodges. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I guess Savute Safari Lodge is it. Staff at all the lodges was very kind and very accommodating, but I think Savute has something just a little more special. Of course we saw our first wild dogs at Savute, so that may have contributed somewhat to our feelings. However, I can’t say anything bad about any of the lodges – they all had great staff and great food (particularly Chobe Game Lodge) and we would definitely return to any of them.

I also wanted to pass on some of the comments we received about our itinerary.We met the owner of a travel company from Maun (unfortunately I can’t remember his name). We had lunch with him at Camp Moremi and talked about the countries and places he sent travelers and where in common we have been – had a very nice talk with him. He complimented our itinerary and the “completeness” of it as far as the variety and lodges where we were staying.Additionally we met a gentleman and his daughter currently living in Maun. They were on ab self driving safari and stopped at Savute because it’s one of their favorite lodges. He asked about our itinerary and also commented on what a good itinerary it was, giving us a thorough overview of the variety of animals and terrain in Botswana and including lodges that compliment each other.

Thanks so much for arranging our trip. We hope to return in the next couple of years and will be in touch.

Susan Langdon

Hi Megan.

We are home! We had a flight change from Johannesburg and flew directly to Atlanta (our Johannesburg to Paris to NYC flight was delayed by 4 hours and would have caused a missed flight to Minneapolis). We then flew from Atlanta to NYC and then Minneapolis. It was a long trip home.

Honestly, it is so hard to choose highlights as the entire trip was fabulous! We definitely loved the safaris and Victoria Falls (Devil’s Pool was a huge highlight). I loved AM Lodge, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Ghoha Hills (despite the long drive there), and Winchester Mansions. AM Lodge was hands down the most amazing!

I also enjoyed Cape Town and Hermanus and the wine country. I would probably restructure the Cape Town tour but only in hindsight. I will tell friends to skip Robben Island (the 45 min bus tour on the island and boat ride there were disappointing). I would also skip the drive around Cape Town and spend time near the area where we caught the boat to Robben Island, the Bo Kaap area, and maybe even downtown. Or, I’d spend time in Hermanus other than just at the restaurant.

It’s hard because we just didn’t know enough beforehand to structure the Cape Town time better. I guess we will have to visit again 🙂

Truly, this trip exceeded my expectations. You did the most wonderful job planning everything for us! I am so very happy with the outcome and memories. I will write a review on Facebook soon. And I will recommend you to anyone who asks about going to S Africa. I am still so grateful for all of your help, patience, and careful attention to our requests.

Thank you, Megan!

For now,

Eileen and Dick

Greetings from the USA.

Our trip was so amazing – I already miss the African sunsets and sunrises. And the animals. And the people. All of it!

I concur with Eileen’s comments. When I asked Mark about comments, he said it was a great trip. After a minute, he then said that Robben Island was a waste of time. But to put that into perspective: this might be a US point of view. We have all been to Alcatrez – a similar experience, but a shorter self-guided with audio tape tour. Citizens from other countries might find Robben Island more interesting, but my guess is that other US citizens will see it like we do.

It might be good if you can find other transportation to Ghoha Hills. It was a long bumpy ride in a small vehicle with little air. We noticed that the other guests had arrived in Land Rover’s – something like that would have been nice. The transportation to Swaziland was also a little cramped for 4 people, considering all the time we spent in the automobile. Rory’s vehicle in Capetown was wonderful because there was more room, so something a little bigger for long journeys would be recommended (if possible).

Mjejane Lodge – once we got past that initial shock of being told drinks (water) were not included, turned out to be a very nice place, also. We had some great safari experiences there! However, we might suggest this lodge for a different time of year, when the river level is much higher to draw the animals. We think that is probably the big attraction to Mejajane Lodge. We did see a few animals hanging around the river, but there was nothing to see from our rooms because the water level was too low.

I am glad we got to go into Krueger because it is such a famous park, but it was not one of our favorite safaris. There were so many jeeps driving around. I think we saw more animals at the other parks.

That is about all we would have to “complain” about. Please keep in mind that those are all minor – more like observations. As Eileen said, everything else was fabulous. Everything that we did added to the overall experience and gave us great stories to tell (we even have video of our long bumpy ride to Ghoha Hills).

It was wonderful being met/picked up every day and not having to worry about how to get somewhere. No problems with any of our drivers, and all of our border crossings went smoothly. We were especially glad to be guided across those borders.

The safaris were different at each place we stayed, and we have wonderful stories/memories from each one. We also experienced several different types of Bomas, which was fun. Our first one, at AM Lodge, might have been the most fun just because it was a surprise after our first safari on which we got to see all 5 of the Big 5. The staff singing at Ghoha Hills was also a lot of fun. All in all, you chose wonderful places for us to stay!

When I looked back at your original quotes, I see that we chose to go with the higher quote that included AM Lodge. Lucky for us that we listened to your recommendation, because we all loved AM Lodge. (Besides being a beautiful place, the guides and staff at AM Lodge were so wonderful – we became friends in only 3 short days!) From the beginning, I felt like we were in good hands in planning this trip. Even though I had checked several other agencies, I kept going back to your correspondence and recommendations. From your first email, I felt you were the travel agent for us.

Megan, you were such a pleasure to work with over the past year and you made this trip a special experience for all of us. Eileen and I were on board from the very beginning, but even the guys who took a little more coaxing, loved this trip to Africa.

We are also glad we got the opportunity to meet you! Thank you for everything.

Diane Lanphear